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Visual diagnostics
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Ultrasound cavitation
Infrared sauna

Visual diagnostics
Muscle Testing
Therapeutic massage (includes various types of therapeutic massage at the discretion of the rehabilitation physician and the state of health).
Thai massage (stone, tok sen, guasha)
Soft manual techniques
REDCORD therapy Infrared sauna


Procedure steps:
1. Gentle cleansing of the skin surface.
2. Deep cleansing, peeling and moisturizing. Active components of AXA acid.
3. Facial massage. Author's complex with elements of structural and chiromassage. Active ingredients: Shea butter, grape seed, green tea extract.
4. Plasticizing and moisturizing mask. The active ingredients are algae extracts, chocolate, peptides, silk proteins. Collagen production activation.
5. Toning and restoration of skin pH. 6. The final stage - moisturizing cream for skin type, cream for the area around the eyes

This procedure has a complex effect:
- prevents the appearance of wrinkles,
- improves skin tone,
- improves blood circulation,
- relieves swelling,
- removes the "mask of fatigue" from the face.

Relax, health improvement, recovery
Neck and collar zone massage
Therapeutic back massage
Anticellulite massage
Hemolymphatic drainage massage
Thai foot massage
Thai massage
Tok Sen
Chinese massage Guasha
Stone therapy
RELAX massage
hardware procedures for quick effect
Laser lipolysis
The lipolaser acts selectively on the cells of adipose tissue in the places of its accumulation. No other surrounding structures are affected, much less damaged. In addition, the laser beam activates enzymatic reactions that break down fat into fatty acids, glycerin and water. Important! Lipolaser does not remove or damage fat cells, it only reduces their volume. The duration of one lipolaser session is half an hour. For a good lasting effect, 6 to 10 sessions are desirable. The cold laser lipolysis procedure is as close as possible to natural weight loss.

The lipolaser technique works for the natural removal of accumulated excess fat from the fat cells. Within an hour after the session, the patient needs to perform cardio procedures lasting 30-40 minutes (running, brisk walking, swimming pool, cycling).

RF lifting
High frequency currents affect the dermis and subcutaneous fat. Due to warming up in the gradually losing part of its functions, flabby, sagging, wrinkled skin, blood and lymph outflow increases, metabolism is activated, substances that are precursors of collagen and elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid, fibrin are produced. The fibers restore tone, shrink and re-shape youthful and firm skin.
Ultrasonic cavitation
Today, one of the most effective procedures for fast body shaping and reduction of excess body fat is ultrasonic cavitation. The essence of the procedure is that under the action of ultrasonic waves, at the points of contact of waves with the tissues of our body, small cavities are formed, oxygen access is improved, and metabolic products are excreted. Physiotherapists compare the effect of ultrasound therapy used in aesthetic medicine with micromassage at the cellular level. Ultrasonic cavitation solves problems such as: - cellulite reduction - skin tightening; - correction of defects after surgical liposuction.

Sessions are held 1 time in 2-3 days, in a course of 5-10 procedures. In the period between ultrasonic cavitation procedures, it is recommended to undergo 3-4 lymphatic drainage procedures

Electromyostimulation is the use of impulse currents to restore the activity of organs and tissues that have lost their normal function. The apparatus with which the procedure is carried out is a generator with electrodes that are applied to the muscles. The electrodes are applied according to certain patterns, according to the human anatomy.

Passing through tissues, an electric current causes an increase in the metabolic rate in cells, increases the concentration of ions at cell membranes, which leads to the emergence of an action potential. The blood flow to the contracted muscle improves, the synthesis of protein and nucleic acids, including RNA, is improved. The level of insulin and endorphin rises in the blood. Due to the activation of blood circulation, the removal of metabolic products through the venous and lymphatic systems is enhanced

The main result of the procedure is the strengthening of muscle tissue. Electromyostimulation is simply irreplaceable in solving the problems of body shaping and has no analogues in terms of efficiency, availability and cost of the procedure itself. Excellent results are achieved::

- improving the condition of flabby hips, solving the problems of "breeches" and flat buttocks, as well as the flabbiness of the skin of the hands, especially the shoulders, elimination of the flabbiness of the anterior abdominal wall (especially in women giving birth);
- improving the shape of the legs;
- elimination of sagging facial skin, sagging cheeks, "bags" under the eyes; relieving tension from the muscles of the forehead.

Galvanization (+ electrophoresis)
Galvanization is the use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes of a constant continuous electric current of low voltage (30-80 V) and small strength (up to 50 mA), called galvanic.
Galvanic current is able to overcome the resistance of the skin and spread mainly through the intercellular spaces, blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve sheaths and muscles.

The effect of galvanic current leads to an increase in blood and lymph circulation, an increase in the absorption capacity of tissues, muscle relaxation, an improvement in the excretory function of the skin and a decrease in edema in the focus of inflammation or the area of injury. The synthesis of energy molecules is enhanced in cells, and the metabolism in tissues is improved.

Galvanic current increases local immunity, accelerates the processes of regeneration of peripheral nerves, bone and connective tissue, wounds and trophic ulcers, and also enhances the secretory function of the salivary glands, stomach and intestines.

Electrophoresis is a physiotherapeutic method based on the combination of the action of a galvanic current and a therapeutic or cosmetic substance introduced with its help. How does this happen? An electric current can be compared to a wind that blows in one direction and carries small particles - it causes the movement of ions of biologically active liquids.

With the help of a galvanic current, various substances (drugs, cosmetic gels, etc.) can be injected through the skin. Due to the current, they penetrate the epidermis to a depth of 1.5 cm and accumulate in the upper layers of the dermis, forming a "depot" from which the drug penetrates into cells gradually. The period of elimination of various substances from the skin "depot" is from 3 to 15-20 hours, which causes a long stay of active substances in the body and a prolonged action.

Electrophoresis allows the introduction of biologically active fluids into areas with impaired blood circulation (for example, sore joints), where the penetration of substances is usually difficult. The combination of galvanization with electrophoresis is an incredibly effective technique not only for healing and restoring the functions of organs, but also for improving the quality of the skin, maintaining its youth and beauty.

Interference therapy
Interference therapy is the effect on the patient's body with two or more alternating currents. The vibrations are fed in such a way that in the depths of the tissues they overlap (interfere), resulting in vibration. This results in rhythmic contractions of the smooth muscles of the internal organs. There is a kind of massage of the walls of the organs, which leads to their improvement; blood supply and acceleration of lymph outflow.

Dynamic Electro Neuro Stimulation
Dynamic Electro Neuro Stimulation (DENS) is a healing method based on the impact on reflexogenic zones and acupuncture points with electric current pulses, the shape of which depends on the electrical resistance (impedance) of the skin surface in the subelectrode area.

As a result of exposure to DiaDENS devices, a cascade of body responses arises: an analgesic effect, improvement of general well-being, mood, normalization of sleep and appetite, increased efficiency. The use of DiaDENS devices allows accelerating the healing process, reducing the dose and amount of drugs taken by a person, reducing the pharmacological load on the body. ...

Ultrasound therapy
Ultrasound therapy - treatment with ultrasound (ultrasound therapy) is based on the effect on the human body of sound vibrations with a frequency of 22 to 3 thousand hertz.

Ultrasound produces acoustic pressure on the body's systems, due to which tissue microvibration and tissue massage occurs at the cellular level. The thermal effect of ultrasound promotes the expansion of the lymphatic and blood vessels and improves the microcirculation of fluids in the body. As a result, metabolism is activated in the tissues and the synthesis of biologically active compounds, in particular, the hormone of joy, etc., increases..

Provides active lymphatic drainage and promotes the elimination of stagnant fluids, toxins and fat decomposition products from the body. As a result of this procedure, a more even distribution of fluid in the body occurs, edema disappears, water balance is restored, metabolic processes in fat cells are activated. The effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage and body wraps increases!

Darsonvalization is an effect on various tissues of the human body with the help of microcurrents - rapidly decaying pulsed high-frequency currents of low strength but high voltage. The name of the device comes from the name of its inventor, the French scientist Arsene D'Arsonval.

Energy infrared sauna
The Energy Infrared Sauna (IES) is a unique physiotherapy device for health that generates far-wave infrared radiation with a clearly defined wavelength (4-14 microns), which corresponds to the radiation of a healthy human cell.

Kinesio® Taping
Kinesio® Taping is a revolutionary method of applying tapes, i.e. special plasters / adhesive tapes, developed by the Japanese doctor Kenzo Kase, which provides continuous support to muscles and tendons, helping to reduce pain and inflammation. Kinesio taping also helps to relax over-stressed and tired muscles and accelerate the natural recovery process.

Kinesio taping is used to treat a wide range of treatments, from headaches to leg problems such as post-traumatic rehabilitation, lower back pain, spinal disc misalignment, knee and shoulder problems, and more.


Carpathian bath with brooms massage and peeling